CTC helps sell your goods & services throughout Asia.

Millions of units sold, 100+ million monthly active users, and a network of the most influential individuals in China.

From name brand FMCG clients to board oversight at the largest cloud storage companies, CTC management has played a major part in the growth of Western brands inside of China, as well as sourcing of products for sale outside of Asia.

Chinese Business Consultants - About Us

Caseloads Sold

Management has guided the growth of FMCG brands like Evian, Heineken, Mattell, Durex, and many more. Our sister company (recently sold to Tibet Water Resources Ltd HKG: 1115) was the point for most of these brands.


SKUs Sourced

Our makers have created over 700 products and delighted users globally.


Monthly Active Users

During his tenure as a boardmember at Mega (previous MegaUpload from Kimdotcom), CTC Chairman George Chen oversaw the storage behemoth during a critical transition.


China Trade Consulting offers a range of consulting services, including business strategy and policy advice, specializing in support to companies looking to establish or grow their presence in the Chinese market.

Full Service

China Trade Consulting provides sourcing, logistics, marketing, and distribution services in China. Our team can take ownership of your supply chain needs, whether you are sourcing products for the USA or importing into China.

Advisory Board

China Trade Consulting's executive team can work in the capacity of your advisory board, helping your organization achieve its goals. We can join you to offer their financial, professional, and personal resources to benefit the organization.

Market Research

China Trade Consulting provides professional market research services to help companies gain valuable insights into the Chinese market. This includes gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data to inform strategic decision-making.

Ambition + Experience = Execution

Your ambitious ideas
Our unwavering passion

China Trade Consulting provides extensive knowledge and experience to help ambitious company leaders successfully execute necessary activities when entering the Chinese market, while avoiding common pitfalls, of which there are many. They are able to assist clients in achieving success through effective execution of necessary activities.

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We Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
... then we crush them.

China Trade Consulting provides assistance to companies entering the Chinese market, helping them to overcome potential pitfalls such as lack of local knowledge, cultural misunderstandings, language barriers, and navigating the regulatory environment. With CTC's help, companies can avoid costly mistakes and delays in achieving success.

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